Guide for Leveraging and Influencing by Paid or Organic methods on Social Media Platforms.

If you want to be successful in your electronic-commerce business and marketing plans, you need to be efficient and influential on the social media platforms. But with time the contact for many businesses and companies with the people on organic media platforms has become devastatingly low, with little to no gain from their efforts on those social media platforms.

But all hope is not lost as by using clever strategies and combining the use of paid and organic social media tricks and tactics you can move a potential customer through your journey and change their shares, likes and clicks into income and proceeds, following the steps and tips mentioned below.

Making your brand more public on the social media

The best thing to do for starters is to make your brand familiar with more and more people online. Studies show that around 90% of the people on social media won’t buy a product until they have seen the ad of that particular product several times.

So it is best to make your brand common on many places and platforms and increase the awareness of your brand among the users. You do not have to select all the options at once, in the beginning just select a few from the “Paid” category and some from the “Organic” category to make a base for your brand.

Using the organic media effectively and efficiently

Although the total user reach on social media for brands and companies is just a fraction of what it used to be in the past, you should not drop the idea of posting ads and videos for your brand on organic social media. These posts can help you establish a strong base among the users fairly quickly and can prove beneficially useful when executed strategically.
You can link your accounts and pages from other social media platforms to share the user traffic evenly.

Make and publish a video of your products or about your company on Youtube. Short forms such as clips or highlights of those videos can also be used and posted on other media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Perform live video sessions and contests on various platforms and hold different contest to generate a natural interaction with your customers.

Using the Paid Media in the Best Way

In addition to your organic media posts and efforts, the use of paid media ads and blogs can go a long way in growing your brands name and supplement for the low organic engagement and contact with your customers on the social media. Combining the paid media ads and the organic social media labors is the best method to elevate the publicity of your brand and create a name for it.

The first contact of new customers with your brands can either be through others or your ads on the social media, so make sure to reach as many social media platforms (such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram etc) as you can and start your ad campaign.